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From Voter-Fraud Myths to Bogus Election Audits: The Evolution of the ‘Big Lie’

The "Big Lie" was built on a decades-long campaign by conservative activists and lawmakers, who hyped up the threat of voter fraud to impose restrictive voting laws and to cement political power. From Trump’s early false claims of large-scale fraud in 2016 and his attempts to pressure officials to overturn his 2020 loss to the long trail of election “audits,” American Oversight has been investigating the anti-democracy movement’s attempts to promote the Big Lie and undermine free and fair elections. 

From Voter-Fraud Myths to Bogus Election Audits: The Evolution of the Big Lie

On Monday, American Oversight published an in-depth look at the "Big Lie" and the decades-long campaign by conservative activists and lawmakers to hype up the threat of voter fraud.

How State Voting Restrictions Perpetuate Voter-Fraud Lies and Continue Efforts to Undermine the 2020 Election

Top officials — including Georgia’s Gabriel Sterling — who stood firm against former President Trump’s stolen-election lies have nonetheless avoided criticizing, or have even voiced support for, anti-democratic voting restrictions.

The Arizona Senate’s Partisan Audit of Maricopa County Election Results

Efforts to undermine the 2020 presidential election results in Arizona have culminated in an "audit" of votes cast in Maricopa County. Not only was the recount instigated by a partisan majority in the state legislature, but the founder of the firm hired by the state Senate to oversee the audit has repeatedly circulated conspiracies and lies about widespread voter fraud.

Open Questions About President Trump’s Abuses of Office

Trump’s time as president was defined by multiple financial conflicts of interest and unprecedented abuses of power that touched nearly every aspect of public life — and there’s still a lot the American public needs to know.

Georgia Officials Confirm: Voting by Mail Is Secure, Accurate

Documents obtained by American Oversight reveal that in private, Georgia's secretary of state’s office admitted that “systematic checks stop double voting from happening, and those checks appear to be largely working as intended.”

American Oversight Sues for Records Related to Kentucky’s Ballot Integrity Task Force

On Tuesday, American Oversight sued the attorney general of Kentucky for documents and communications that could shed light on the work of its task force investigating supposed voter fraud.

News Roundup: Sowing Confusion and Discord

The Trump administration is digging into its usual playbook of unsubstantiated claims and harmful messages.
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Investigations Update: Operation Legend, Crossfire Hurricane, and the Rush for a Coronavirus Vaccine

See the latest in our investigations into the Trump administration’s politicized Operation Legend, the rush for school reopenings and a Covid-19 vaccine, and partisan FBI responses to congressional requests.

Investigations Update: ‘Burrowing In,’ Voter Fraud Task Forces, and Federal Law Enforcement

Our latest investigations into political appointees moving to permanent positions, the designation of "antifa" as a terrorist group, and state-level voter fraud task forces.