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Investigation Update

New Documents: Calendars of HHS Officials Involved in Reversing Health Care Nondiscrimination Protections

Not even the coronavirus pandemic has prevented the Trump administration from continuing efforts to roll back gender protections in health care.
FOIA Request

DOL Communications with Plaintiffs Regarding Contraception Coverage

Department of Labor communications regarding contraception with plaintiffs in lawsuits over the ACA's birth control mandate.
Agency Reply

No Records Response From the Plan Benefits Security Division of DOL Regarding Contraception Coverage Settlements

The Department of Labor's Plan Benefits Security Division said that it had no records involving settlements with outside groups who sued over contraception coverage requirements.
Agency Record

Treasury Records of Settlements Related to the Birth Control Mandate

Treasury records of settlements with those who sued challenging the ACA's contraception coverage requirements.

Over 50 New FOIA Requests Filed Last Week

In the past week, American Oversight has filed more than 50 new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests investigating a variety of conflicts of interest and questionable behavior in the Trump administration and beyond.
FOIA Request

FOIA to IRS Regarding Contraception Lawsuit Settlements and Litigation

FOIA to IRS seeking settlements and litigation related to contraception coverage lawsuit and the birth control benefit.