Investigations Into Ethics & Conflicts

In less than one term, President Trump has appointed more lobbyists to his cabinet than his predecessors did in two. Federal agencies are stocked with officials regulating the very industries they previously worked for, from fossil fuels to student loans. Meanwhile, the president, who refused to financially divest from his business, has continued to profit off his office.

Wilbur Ross’s Web of Financial Conflicts

American Oversight has been investigating Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s complicated maze of finances, identifying a number of serious ethics issues related to the billionaire’s failure to divest certain assets and…


Elaine Chao’s Family Business and Kentucky Favoritism

Elaine Chao’s tenure as transportation secretary has been marked by significant ethics concerns and reports of favoritism, from special treatment for Kentucky-specific requests to efforts to boost her family’s shipping…


Trump’s Interference in the FBI Headquarters Relocation Plan

A plan to relocate the FBI headquarters to the Washington, D.C., suburbs was surprisingly scrapped in favor of the far costlier option of rebuilding at its existing site — which…