Investigations Into Misconduct

Luxury office renovations and chartered jets at taxpayers’ expense, repeated use of personal email for official business, and frequent misuse of agency resources — the frequent scandals have painted a picture of an administration populated by people who believe the rules don’t apply to them. We aim to expose these instances of misconduct, and hold officials accountable.

The Trump Administration’s Questionable Email Practices

From Nikki Haley’s use of a non-classified email system for classified communications to the extensive use of personal email accounts for official business on the part of White House Senior…


Mike Pompeo’s Political Ambitions and Influences

First serving in the Trump administration as CIA director before his appointment as secretary of state, Mike Pompeo has become one of President Trump’s longest-serving and most loyal cabinet members.…


Questionable $300 Million Puerto Rico Contract for Zinke-Linked Company

In 2017, American Oversight began investigating the decision to award a $300 million contract for the restoration power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to a small company with potential…