Investigations Into Political Appointees

Who is working for themselves instead of the American people, and what interests do they represent? With whom are they meeting, and how are they spending their time? American Oversight is investigating the influences, political ambitions, and actions of political appointees across the government, from cabinet members to the former lobbyists carrying out agency work.

Wilbur Ross’s Web of Financial Conflicts

American Oversight has been investigating Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s complicated maze of finances, identifying a number of serious ethics issues related to the billionaire’s failure to divest certain assets and…


Mike Pompeo’s Political Ambitions and Influences

First serving in the Trump administration as CIA director before his appointment as secretary of state, Mike Pompeo has become one of President Trump’s longest-serving and most loyal cabinet members.…


Elaine Chao’s Family Business and Kentucky Favoritism

Elaine Chao’s tenure as transportation secretary has been marked by significant ethics concerns and reports of favoritism, from special treatment for Kentucky-specific requests to efforts to boost her family’s shipping…


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