News Roundup: Ukraine-Related Documents, Hurdles for Asylum-Seekers, and Chad Wolf’s Involvement in Family Separation

November 8, 2019
The latest on impeachment and on our investigations into the administration's immigration policies.

News Roundup: Congressional Hearing Shows and No-Shows

May 24, 2019
Ben Carson, Diane Auer Jones, and Don McGahn's empty chair
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Investigating the Administration’s Involvement with For-Profit Colleges

May 22, 2019
Congress holds a hearing — and American Oversight sues.

The Corruption Continues: Mueller Has Finished His Work. American Oversight Has Not.

March 25, 2019
The corruption of the Trump administration goes far beyond and far deeper than the criminality covered in the Mueller investigation.

Interior’s Proposed FOIA Rule Threatens Transparency and Accountability

January 29, 2019
Several of the proposed changes are contrary to law and undermine the very purpose of FOIA.

Read the Hidden Report on Banks Charging High Fees to Students

December 13, 2018
After keeping it hidden for months, the Consumer and Financial Protection Bureau has finally released a report on high fees that banks charged to college students, possibly in violation of Department of Education rules.

EPA’s Chemical Industry Agenda

June 22, 2017
Under former Administrator Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency has moved to ease regulations on the use of dangerous pesticides and other toxic substances — even overruling the agency's own scientists to advance policies favored by the chemical industry.