State Accountability Project

Government corruption at the state level has flourished — and has often gone unchecked thanks to single-party control of state governments, the decline in local journalism, and the urgency of addressing federal misconduct. Working with on-the-ground organizations, American Oversight is using its open-records expertise to expose state-level threats to democracy and voting rights.

Election Fraud Task Forces and the Threat of Voter Intimidation

State “voter fraud” task forces have cropped up across the country. Behind language about ensuring fair elections, the groups use the specter of widespread voter fraud to undermine confidence in…

Georgia’s Voting Machines and Election Security

From the influence of voting-machine company lobbyists to concerns about election vulnerability, American Oversight is investigating Georgia’s overhaul of its voting system.

State Government Contacts with Voting-Restriction Activists

When state officials enact strict voter-ID laws or engineer intricately gerrymandered electoral maps or purge thousands of names from voter rolls, they’re not acting alone. Often, outside groups and activists…