‘Does Not Offer Any Opposing Viewpoints’: Inside Florida’s Reviews of AP African American Studies Course

Records obtained by American Oversight offer a glimpse into the Florida Department of Education’s review of the course, including concerns that it presented only “one side” in discussions of slavery.
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Wake TSI Must Produce Records in Pennsylvania Election Audit Records Case

August 2, 2023
The company Wake TSI must produce records related to its review of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County, a court ordered in American Oversight’s lawsuit.

American Oversight Seeks Default Judgment Against Wake TSI in Pennsylvania Election Audit Records Case

June 14, 2023
Wake TSI failed to respond to American Oversight’s filing adding the company as a defendant in the lawsuit for public records related to Fulton County’s election review.

American Oversight Adds Wake TSI to Lawsuit Against Fulton County, Pa., for Election Review Records

April 6, 2023
American Oversight added the firm Wake TSI as a defendant in its lawsuit for records related to the county’s review of voting machines in the weeks after the 2020 election.

In the Documents: Emails Between Pennsylvania’s Butler County Commissioners and Prominent Election Denial Group

February 16, 2023
American Oversight obtained communications between county commissioners and “election integrity” groups, including one organization that has pushed for vote recounts throughout the state.

News Roundup: Election Denial in Pennsylvania, Government Transparency in Texas

January 20, 2023
More than two years after the 2020 election, a recount in a rural Pennsylvania county has failed to appease some of the diehard election deniers who had clamored for it.

American Oversight Asks Wake TSI to Preserve Records Related to Review of 2020 Election in Fulton County, Pa.

December 22, 2022
As part of an ongoing investigation into the county’s problematic review of 2020 election results, American Oversight has asked the software company to preserve any and all records related to the election analysis it conducted.

Fake Electors’ Continued Involvement in Anti-Democratic and Election Denial Efforts

December 21, 2022
Several of the individuals who signed their names to “alternate” electoral slates have been active in efforts to cast doubt on election integrity, including sham election reviews that have been investigated by American Oversight.

American Oversight Sues Pennsylvania’s Fulton County for Key Audit Records

January 13, 2022
The lawsuit follows requests made by American Oversight under Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law for documents from the review conducted by Fulton County in December 2020 and February 2021.
Pennsylvania map with Fulton County outline and a gavel on top.

Discrepancies in Fulton County Commissioner’s Testimony to Pennsylvania Senate

December 2, 2021
American Oversight sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Senate highlighting significant inconsistencies in testimony regarding a December 2020 audit of Fulton County election materials.
Hand pointing to a phone with text messages from Ulsh and Shives.