Fake Electoral Certificates Obtained by American Oversight Draw Renewed Scrutiny

The phony documents were submitted to Congress by Republicans in several states who sought to overturn Biden’s 2020 election victory by casting the state’s electoral votes for Trump instead.
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Wisconsin Judge Orders Gableman to Provide Court with Election Investigation Records Within 10 Days

January 21, 2022
On Friday, a Wisconsin judge ordered the attorney running Wisconsin’s partisan investigation of the 2020 election to turn over to the court sealed copies of records related to the inquiry.
Wisconsin map with magnifying glass and gavel. Attorney Michael Gableman is next to these items in red.

In the Documents: Emails from Wisconsin Legislature, Elections Commission Regarding Efforts to Investigate 2020 Election

January 19, 2022
Records obtained by American Oversight include communications about the state’s bipartisan elections commission, which is currently under attack by state Republicans, as well as emails sent to state Rep. Janel Brandtjen by a conservative attorney who tried to overturn Wisconsin’s 2020 election results.

American Oversight Obtains Records Revealing Increases in Wisconsin Election Investigation’s December Expenses

January 18, 2022
From September to December 2021, salary expenditures nearly doubled in Michael Gableman’s partisan election investigation, which has extended into the new year.
Michael Gableman, Carol Matheis, and Andrew Kloster

Update: Wisconsin Supreme Court Denies Vos’s Latest Efforts to Avoid Deposition in American Oversight Lawsuit

January 11, 2022
On Monday, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals denied State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’s motion for a stay of his upcoming deposition, scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 12.
Robin Vos with gavel over his face.

Court Orders Depositions of Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Vos and Counsel in Lawsuit Seeking Release of Election Investigation Records

January 4, 2022
American Oversight has sued Speaker Robin Vos for failing to release documents related to the Assembly’s partisan investigation of the 2020 election.
Lady justice with scales, next to Robin Vos. Wisconsin map in the background.

American Oversight Files Third Lawsuit for Wisconsin Election Investigation Records

December 22, 2021
A Wisconsin court ordered Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the Office of Special Counsel to produce records related to the ongoing partisan investigation of the 2020 election or show cause.
Robin Vos and a gavel.

Wisconsin Rep. Brandtjen’s Communications Regarding Election Investigations

December 9, 2021
Records obtained by American Oversight include a legal memo requested by Brandtjen — who has called for a “full forensic audit” of the 2020 election — regarding the validity of subpoenas issued in attorney Michael Gableman’s partisan election investigation.

Documents from Wisconsin Election Investigation Reveal Contact with Mike Lindell, Other Partisan Activists

December 6, 2021
The emails from conspiracy theorist Lindell were sent to Michael Gableman, the lawyer running the investigation, the same month that Gableman attended Lindell’s “cyber symposium” in South Dakota.
Wisconsin map with magnifying glass and gavel. Attorney Michael Gableman is next to these items in red.

American Oversight Files Motion to Hold Speaker Vos in Contempt for Failure to Comply with Wisconsin Public Records Law

December 3, 2021
On Friday, American Oversight asked the court to hold Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Vos in contempt of court for failing to comply with the court’s order to release contractors’ records related to the baseless investigation of the 2020 election.
Robin Vos with gavel over his face.