American Oversight Launches State Accountability Project to Expose Government Corruption Across the Country

The first target of investigation is voter suppression in Florida, Georgia and Texas.
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The Imperial Presidency and the End of Congressional Oversight

May 1, 2019
Donald Trump's administration may only last four years, but its changes to America’s three co-equal branches of government will likely last much longer.

American Oversight Sues HUD for Communications Related to Sale of Trump-Tied Housing Complex

April 30, 2019
Trump, who held a 4 percent stake in the country's largest federally subsidized housing development at the time of its sale, reportedly made approximately $20 million from the deal.

The Dangers of Constitutional Hardball

April 29, 2019
The Trump administration’s actions over the past week and a half suggest that it may have decided to adopt a strategy of across-the-board stonewalling, violating a half-century of norms.

News Roundup: Trump Administration’s Defiance of Congressional Subpoenas

April 26, 2019
Trump and his administration are refusing to even negotiate in good faith with congressional investigators.

American Oversight and ACLU of Massachusetts Sue DHS for Border Security Plan

April 24, 2019
Two months after Trump declared a national emergency, and four months after it was sent to Congress, the analysis has still not been made public.

White House Defies Congressional Subpoena — Without Asserting Executive Privilege

April 23, 2019
The White House ordered the personnel security director not to appear before Congress, without asserting any kind of executive privilege to account for its defiance of Congress’ constitutional prerogatives.

News Roundup: All Eyes on the Mueller Report

April 19, 2019
It's (almost) all about the Mueller report.

A Guide to Barr’s Redactions to the Mueller Report

April 18, 2019
We explain Barr's justifications for his redactions, whether he should go further to release information — and what Congress can do next.

Why Congress — and the American People — Deserve to See Trump’s Tax Returns

April 17, 2019
You just filed your taxes with the IRS — it's time for Trump to share his with you.