Case Number: 18-893

EPA Vehicle Leasing Documents

October 2, 2019
Environmental Protection Agency emails about car leases for EPA officials, as well as EPA contracts to lease a Chevrolet Tahoe, which Administrator Scott Pruitt reportedly rejected in favor of a more expensive vehicle.

EPA Emails Regarding Bug Sweep Contract

September 3, 2018
Emails between former EPA security chief Nino Perrotta and other employees regarding the $3,000 contract given to a Perrotta's business partner to "sweep" former administrator Pruitt's office for listening devices.

Lawsuit Seeks Scott Pruitt and Nino Perrotta Travel and Security Spending Records

April 17, 2018
New lawsuit asks the court to order EPA to release records including waivers authorizing Pruitt and Perrotta to spend taxpayer funds on first class plane tickets, along with any communications between Perrotta and his business partner, Edwin Steinmetz, a private security consultant to whom Perrotta steered a $3,000 federal contract to "sweep" Pruitt's office for listening devices.

FOIA to EPA Seeking Vehicle Procurement Records

March 19, 2018
FOIA seeking all records relating to the procurement of any vehicle to transport EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. News reports have indicated that Pruitt's new vehicle is authorized by the head of his security detail.

FOIA to EPA Regarding Steinmetz Surveillance Sweep Contract

March 6, 2018
FOIA to shed light on how Nino Perrotta may use his position at the EPA to further his business interests asking for communications between Perrotta and a number of groups.

FOIA Seeking Waivers and Travel Records of Head of EPA Security Detail

March 6, 2018
FOIA to shed light on concerns about Scott Pruitt’s travels and EPA officials’ involvement in authorizing unnecessarily expensive flights, asking for records related to EPA Security detail's travel.

FOIA to EPA Regarding Scott Pruitt’s First-Class Travel

February 20, 2018
FOIA seeking records of Scott Pruitt’s first-class travel waivers and waiver requests and any final determinations either approving or denying EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s first-class airplane travel for personal and business-related trips.