Case Number: 20-1296

Public Records Victory: CDC Agrees to Settlement in American Oversight Lawsuit Challenging Agency’s FOIA Practices

March 10, 2023
American Oversight sued the CDC in 2020 after the agency improperly rejected several FOIA requests related to the pandemic.

CDC Communications Containing Terms Related to Covid-19 and Testing

December 15, 2021
Records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released in response to American Oversight’s request for communications containing terms related to the coronavirus and coronavirus testing.

HHS Communications in the Early Days of the Pandemic

February 26, 2021
Records released in response to American Oversight's request for communications of officials at the Department of Health and Human Services. The responsive records span the early days of the pandemic, from January to March.

Covid-19 Oversight News: Updated CDC Guidance, Early Emails About Masks, and New Congressional Requests

February 15, 2021
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The CDC Director Reportedly Ordered Staff to Delete Email from Trump Political Appointee — We’re Demanding the Administration Preserve Those Records

December 11, 2020
We’re calling on the CDC and HHS to ensure the email is recovered, as required by federal law.

Letter to DOJ Concerning CDC Compliance with Records Preservation Law and Lawsuit on FOIA Request Violations

December 11, 2020
American Oversight letter to Department of Justice counsel representing the Centers for Disease Control in connection with a lawsuit filed May 15, 2020, against the CDC to compel compliance with Freedom of Information Act requests. The letter requests CDC to take prompt action to ensure that records that may be responsive to American Oversight’s FOIA requests are preserved, in light of reports that CDC Director Robert Redfield instructed staff to delete a politically sensitive email.

CDC Releases Hundreds of Pages of Records in American Oversight Lawsuit

October 30, 2020
On Friday, the CDC released more than 700 pages of records sought by American Oversight in our lawsuit for the pandemic-related communications of top officials.

Joint Status Report: American Oversight v. CDC and HHS — FOIA Request Violations

October 27, 2020
Joint Status Report filed by American Oversight, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in American Oversight's lawsuit over the department’s practice of rejecting valid Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests — including requests related to the coronavirus pandemic.

CDC Directives Regarding Agency Messaging on Covid-19

October 20, 2020
Records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in response to American Oversight's request for any directives, orders, decision memoranda, or guidance from the White House regarding public statements, public appearances, or communications or press strategy on the coronavirus. These records include explicit instructions not to talk with political commentator Greta Van Susteren at Voice of America.

CDC Documents Regarding Covid-19 Task Force Meetings

September 30, 2020
Records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in response to American Oversight's request for documents regarding Covid Task Force meetings.