Case Number: 21-3007

American Oversight Urges Appeals Court to Uphold Ruling that Wisconsin’s Office of Special Counsel Is Required to Follow State’s Open Records Law

March 30, 2023
In a brief filed on Thursday, American Oversight argued that the Wisconsin Court of Appeals should uphold court decisions ordering the office to produce documents under the state’s public records law.

Complaint and Court Filings: American Oversight v. Assembly Office of Special Counsel and Wisconsin State Assembly

March 30, 2023
Complaint and related filings from the lawsuit filed by American Oversight against the Wisconsin Assembly Office of Special Counsel, the Wisconsin State Assembly, Assembly Clerk, and Assembly Speaker Vos seeking the release of records in the possession of the Assembly Office of Special Counsel, concerning an investigation into the state’s November 2020 election.

American Oversight Asks Appeals Court to Reconsider Its Ruling Allowing Lawyers to Represent Unstaffed Wisconsin Assembly OSC

August 25, 2022
American Oversight filed a brief in opposition to allowing the lawyers — whom the lower court previously removed from the public records case because of misconduct — to represent the unstaffed Office of Special Counsel in the court of appeals.

Wisconsin Court Confirms OSC ‘Accomplished Nothing’ and Removes OSC Lawyer James Bopp from Case

August 17, 2022
In a separate fuling, the judge purged OSC’s contempt, finding that there were apparently no more records to produce thanks to the office’s record-keeping practices.

Judge Issues Written Decision Holding Wisconsin Assembly’s Office of Special Counsel in Contempt for Failing to Release Public Records

June 15, 2022
Following a tense hearing last week, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Frank Remington ordered OSC to submit to the court proof that it has complied with a previous court order to release records from its partisan election investigation.

News Roundup: January 6 Hearing, Wisconsin Assembly’s OSC Held in Contempt, and More Cyber Ninjas Documents

June 10, 2022
Thursday night was the first of several public hearings of the House select committee investigating Jan. 6.

Wisconsin Judge Holds Office of Special Counsel in Contempt for Failure to Comply with Court Order

June 10, 2022
Attorney Michael Gableman, who heads the office overseeing the partisan investigation of Wisconsin’s 2020 election, angrily refused to answer any questions.

News Roundup: Victory in Wisconsin

April 22, 2022
A Wisconsin court has ordered the state Assembly’s election investigation to stop deleting records. Meanwhile, new details have emerged about congressional leaders’ initial response to the Jan. 6 attack.

Judge Orders Wisconsin Assembly Election Investigation to Stop Deleting Records

April 21, 2022
A Dane County Circuit Court judge ordered the Assembly’s Office of Special Counsel, which is overseeing the partisan investigation of the 2020 election, “not to delete or destroy any record” that could be responsive to American Oversight’s public records requests.

American Oversight Asks Court to Force Wisconsin Election Investigation to End Its ‘Alarming’ Practice of Regularly Deleting Records

April 20, 2022
In a recent letter, the Wisconsin Assembly’s office conducting its partisan election review admitted that it “routinely deletes” public records, maintaining — incorrectly — that it is not subject to the state’s public records retention law.