CDC Emails from Spring Show Growing Gap Between Scientists and White House

October 7, 2020
The emails include the sharing of WHO reports as well as a discussion about how to promote the agency’s spring guidance on wearing masks.

The White House’s Covid-19 Outbreak

October 6, 2020
After spending three days at Walter Reed Medical Center, then-President Trump — still contagious with Covid-19 — returned to the White House, where lax safety measures had recently led to an outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Questions remain about that outbreak, from how it began to how the administration traced those infected, and about how forthcoming the government was about the Trump's condition and when he first contracted the virus.

Secretary Azar Faces Lawmakers’ Questions About Mask-Wearing, Controversial Celebrity Ad Campaign

October 2, 2020
On Friday morning, as the nation reeled from the news that the president had tested positive for the coronavirus, the health secretary testified before a House subcommittee.

Response from New York Governor Regarding Communications with the Federal Government About Coronavirus

October 1, 2020
Response from New York Governor regarding communications with the Federal Government Regarding Coronavirus.