Arizona Senate Records Containing Communications Related to Maricopa County ‘Audit’

Records released by the Arizona Senate to American Oversight in response to an open records request seeking communications related to the partisan “audit” of election results in Maricopa County. The records contain messages sent and received by Randy Pullen, Liz Harris, and others involved in the “audit.” Details on the content of these records are below.


In the Documents

Text messages between Randy Pullen and Christine Bauserman: Pullen, a spokesman for the “audit,” and Bauserman discuss press reports regarding the involvement of election conspiracy theorist Bobby Piton in the operation. Bauserman noted Piton’s testimony at an unofficial hearing held by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani in Phoenix in November, in which Piton claimed without evidence that the election was stolen.

Email from Bruce Ash to Tommy Hicks: On April 22, Ash, the former national committeeman for the Arizona Republican Party, emailed Hicks, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee, seeking “financial and legal assistance” from the RNC in fighting challenges to the sham “audit.”

Text messages between Randy Pullen and Liz Harris, Jovan Pulitzer: In June, the Arizona Republic reported that Harris had been organizing canvassers to go door to door “to check voter registration data.” Like the messages between Pullen and Bauserman, the records do not indicate the date they were sent. But one message from Harris indicates that she had “just learned” that Phil Waldron of Allied Security Operations Group and conspiracy theorist Jovan Hutton Pulitzer would not be on the team; the Arizona Mirror reported on March 1 that Allied Security was not being used, suggesting that Pullen had been communicating with Pulitzer and Harris as far back as February.