Department of Education Records Related to Presentations Given by the Office of Civil Rights

Records from the Department of Education in response to American Oversight’s request for information concerning technical assistance presentations made by the Office for Civil Rights. These records include data on the presentations. Details on the contents of these records are below.

In the Documents

Records obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests by American Oversight show an uneven distribution of technical assistance presentations by the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights, which were provided to higher education institutions, education associations, and nonprofits.

We requested records of presentations given by the Office of Civil Rights from June 10, 2018, through the   date of the agency’s search, Feb. 25, 2019. The data include the recipient of the presentation, dates of initial contact, date of first activity, and date of final activity, as well as the issues covered by 72 presentations during that period.

The vast majority of the presentations happened in California, New York, and Colorado, with 27 states not receiving a presentation. Of the 72 presentations,13 covered issues involving sex and none covered retaliation in the workplace.