Entity: Texas - Bexar County

Records Request to Bexar County, Texas, for Records Reflecting Requests to Inspect Voted Ballots Made by Members of the Public

November 30, 2022
Records request to Bexar County, Texas, seeking records reflecting requests to inspect voted ballots made by members of the public. In August 2022, Attorney General Paxton issued an opinion effectively enabling broad third-party access to voted ballots soon after counting.

News Roundup: One Firing, Multiple Scandals

May 22, 2020
Trump's firing of the State Department's inspector general has unearthed a series of concerning stories about the conduct of the very person who pressed for the firing — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Public Information Request to Bexar County, Texas, for Information Regarding Voting Machine Allocation

May 19, 2020
Public information request to Bexar county in Texas seeking information regarding voting machine allocation by polling place.

FOIA to Bexar County Seeking Infectious Disease Reports from Federal Immigrant Detention and Holding Facilities

October 22, 2019
FOIA request to Bexar County in Texas seeking records reflecting reports of notifiable infectious diseases made by, or otherwise regarding, federal immigrant detention and holding facilities.