Entity: Illinois - Chicago Mayor's Office

Chicago Mayor’s Office Emails Regarding Operation Legend

November 6, 2020
Records from the Office of the Chicago Mayor in response to American Oversight request for emails with the White House regarding the federal law enforcement action Operation Legend.

Investigations Update: Operation Legend, Crossfire Hurricane, and the Rush for a Coronavirus Vaccine

September 1, 2020
See the latest in our investigations into the Trump administration’s politicized Operation Legend, the rush for school reopenings and a Covid-19 vaccine, and partisan FBI responses to congressional requests.

Records Request to the Chicago Mayor’s Office Seeking Emails with White House

August 31, 2020
Records request to the Chicago Mayor’s Office seeking emails with the White House regarding the federal law enforcement action Operation Legend.

News Roundup: Sidelining Safety and Science

July 10, 2020
The disconnect between the Trump administration’s posture and the reality on the ground — and the advice of health experts and scientists — has reached a disturbing degree.

‘We’ve All Given Up Getting a Straight Answer from You Guys’: Frustrated Emails Between Illinois Governor’s Office and White House

July 9, 2020
American Oversight obtained March emails between a White House official and the Illinois governor's office that show the mounting anger over the lack of a federal leadership.

Emails Between White House and the Offices of Illinois Governor and Chicago Mayor

June 29, 2020
Documents received in response to American Oversight’s FOIA request to the Chicago mayor’s office for communications with the Trump Organization or the Executive Office of the President. The production contains White House updates and an exchange between Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s chief of staff and White House official Douglas Hoelscher about President Trump’s March 2020 travel ban for much of Europe.