Entity: Congress

News Roundup: All Eyes on the Mueller Report

April 19, 2019
It's (almost) all about the Mueller report.

Why Congress — and the American People — Deserve to See Trump’s Tax Returns

April 17, 2019
You just filed your taxes with the IRS — it's time for Trump to share his with you.

Barr Must Give Congress Mueller’s Investigative Work, Not Just His Report

April 15, 2019
Unlocking the Mueller investigation — courtesy of Hillary Clinton and the GOP.

News Roundup: DeVos, Mnuchin, Barr Testify in Congress

April 12, 2019
This week was packed with high-profile hearings on Capitol Hill, with some contentious results.

Flashback: The First Time Robert Mueller Wrote Memos to William Barr about Special Counsel Investigations

April 9, 2019
Thousands of pages of uncovered documents present snapshots of the first Bush administration’s final year, from correspondence about past scandals to memos from Mueller to Barr.

News Roundup: Turning to the Courts

April 5, 2019
The Trump administration has proved uniquely uncooperative with Congress’ requests. This week, House committees exercised their subpoena power.

The Trump Administration’s Disrespect for Constitutional Checks and Balances Earns It Congressional Subpoenas

April 3, 2019
The administration's uncooperative position is not only questionable — it stands in the way of Congress' important constitutional functions.

What Congressional Subpoena Power Means for Oversight

April 3, 2019
Three months after they took control of the House, new committee chairs are finally exercising their subpoena power.

Closing the Corruption-Breeding Loopholes the Trump Administration Has Exploited

March 27, 2019
The administration's corruption has revealed fundamental gaps in federal ethics laws. Important new legislation would strengthen ethics requirements.

Three Ways to Fix the Freedom of Information Act

March 14, 2019
Agency resistance and excessive delays have increasingly undermined FOIA’s ultimate purpose of encouraging greater transparency. Here are three ways it can be strengthened.