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What We Learned from the Yovanovitch and McKinley Transcripts

November 7, 2019
We read between the lines of Yovanovitch and McKinley's testimony — here are eight takeaways and clues about documents that we're using in our ongoing investigation.

Why Obstruction of Congressional Investigations Could Be Grounds for Impeachment

September 27, 2019
In the past, Congress has cited obstruction of oversight as a basis for impeaching a president.
Trump at the Capitol in March 2019 (White House Photo)

American Oversight Statement on Impeachment Inquiry

September 25, 2019
An impeachment investigation is absolutely warranted in light of the extraordinary allegations about President Trump's dealings with Ukraine.

More Evidence of Chao’s Preferential Treatment of Kentucky-Specific Requests

June 17, 2019
American Oversight has uncovered documents bolstering reports of coordination between the office of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and the office of Senator Mitch McConnell.

Trump Administration Appeals Court Decision Ordering It to Turn Over Communications with Congress About ACA Sabotage

May 30, 2019
This spring, a federal judge rejected a Trump administration argument for withholding communications about weakening the Affordable Care Act. Now the administration is appealing that decision.

News Roundup: Above the Law

May 3, 2019
From his mixing of business with public service to his resistance to congressional investigations, Trump and his administration have been operating as if they are above the law.

The Imperial Presidency and the End of Congressional Oversight

May 1, 2019
Donald Trump's administration may only last four years, but its changes to America’s three co-equal branches of government will likely last much longer.
(Photos: Gage Skidmore, S Pakhrin)

The Dangers of Constitutional Hardball

April 29, 2019
The Trump administration’s actions over the past week and a half suggest that it may have decided to adopt a strategy of across-the-board stonewalling, violating a half-century of norms.
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

News Roundup: Trump Administration’s Defiance of Congressional Subpoenas

April 26, 2019
Trump and his administration are refusing to even negotiate in good faith with congressional investigators.

White House Defies Congressional Subpoena — Without Asserting Executive Privilege

April 23, 2019
The White House ordered the personnel security director not to appear before Congress, without asserting any kind of executive privilege to account for its defiance of Congress’ constitutional prerogatives.