Entity: Customs and Border Protection

FOIA to CBP Seeking Emails with White House Officials Involved in Coronavirus Response

March 5, 2020
FOIA to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) seeking all email communications between agency and White House officials involved in the federal government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Coronavirus Daily Briefings and Situation Reports

March 4, 2020
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking all daily briefings and situation reports prepared for leadership officials regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Coronavirus Talking Points and Background Materials

March 4, 2020
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking all final talking points or background materials prepared for any congressional briefings or hearings or press engagements by leadership officials regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

FOIAs to Multiple Agencies Seeking Communications Regarding White House Efforts to Retaliate Against Officials Based on Political Loyalty

February 25, 2020
FOIAs to multiple agencies seeking communications of White House liaisons regarding any efforts to target officials based on perceptions of insufficient political loyalty to the president.

FOIA to Multiple Components of DHS Regarding the Trump Administration’s Suspension of Trusted Traveler Programs

February 24, 2020
FOIA to multiple components in the Department of Homeland Security for records regarding the Trump Administration's decision to suspend Trusted Traveler Programs.

FOIA to DHS Seeking Emails Containing Key Terms Related to Global Entry Denial to NY Residents

February 24, 2020
FOIA to various components of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seeking email communications containing terms that are likely to concern the Trump administration’s recent decision to terminate the ability of New York residents to apply for several Trusted Traveler programs.

News Roundup: Beyond Impeachment — The Investigations Continue

December 20, 2019
There's plenty to investigate as we approach the end of 2019 — Ukraine-related and otherwise.

CBP Communications With Fox News and Breitbart About Border Wall Construction

December 11, 2019
Communications between the Customs and Border Protection press office and Fox News and Breitbart about the construction of a border wall. In September 2018, we obtained Department of Homeland Security communications with members of Congress and their staffs about building and funding the border wall, including members of Congress advocating for contracts for specific companies.

FOIA to CBP for Emails Between Agency Officials and Stephen Miller

November 8, 2019
FOIA to the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. and Customs and Border Protection seeking email communications between high-ranking agency officials and White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller.

News Roundup: Corruption, Plain and Simple

October 18, 2019
Many words and phrases have swirled around the past few years to describe the Trump administration’s full range of wrongdoing. But it all comes down to one word: corruption.