Entity: Department of Agriculture

FOIA to USDA Seeking Congressional Communications Regarding the Endangered Species Act

December 6, 2018
FOIA to the Department of Agriculture seeking communications with Congress regarding the Endangered Species Act.

American Oversight Expands Its Investigation of Administration’s Improper Email Use

November 29, 2018
After last week’s Washington Post report that Ivanka Trump used a personal email account for official business on hundreds of occasions, American Oversight is continuing its investigation not just into the extent to which the president’s daughter and senior adviser violated records rules, but also into whether such risky actions extended to other officials within Trump’s cabinet.

FOIA to USDA Seeking Secretary Perdue’s Personal Email Communications

November 29, 2018
FOIA to USDA seeking communications with with any non-governmental email address attributed to Secretary Sonny Perdue, as well as emails he forwarded to his government account.

FOIA to USDA Regarding Changes to School Lunches

November 27, 2018
FOIA to USDA seeking calendar entries and communications related to policy changes regarding school lunch requirements.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Communications Regarding Ivanka Trump’s Use of Personal Email

November 20, 2018
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking communications with the agencies, the White House, and Ivanka Trump’s law firms regarding Ivanka Trump and her use of personal email.

FOIA to USDA Seeking Senior Staff Calendars

November 15, 2018
FOIA to USDA seeking senior staff calendars for Sonny Perdue, Stephen Censky, Heidi Green, Ray Starling, Christopher Young, Rebeckah Adcock, and others.

FOIA to USDA Seeking Records Regarding Perdue Conflicts of Interest

November 1, 2018
FOIA to USDA seeking all communications by individuals in the Office of Ethics at USDA regarding Secretary Perdue's business interests, potential conflicts of interest, and any final decisions surrounding his ethics disclosures and recusals.

FOIA to USDA Regarding the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

October 31, 2018
FOIA to USDA regarding a report from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which revealed findings about the reality of climate change seeking communications about this report.

FOIA to USDA Seeking Records of Influence on Immigration Policy

October 29, 2018
FOIA to USDA seeking communications between former Chief of Staff to Secretary Perdue, Heidi Green and DHS, White House, and HHS officials. This FOIA was submitted to shed light on USDA's influence on immigration policy.

FOIA to USDA Regarding Entries of Former Chief of Staff Heidi Green’s Calendar

October 29, 2018
FOIA to USDA seeking communications regarding specific entries on former Chief of Staff to USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue's calendars, which show meetings with Department of Homeland Security and White House personnel concerning immigration policy.