Entity: Department of Defense

No Records Response From DOD Regarding the Border Wall

May 24, 2017
The Army Corps of Engineers stated that it had no records responsive to American Oversight's FOIA request for environmental impact studies or assessments for the proposed border wall.

FOIA Request to DOD Seeking Identities and Resumes of New Political Appointees

April 12, 2017
FOIA to DOD seeking records identifying new political appointees working at the department, including resumes as well as any ethics or conflict of interest waivers or authorizations.

FOIA Request to DOD Seeking Communications between Michael Flynn and Russian Govt or Russia Today Officials

March 31, 2017
Communications between Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Russian government officials or Russia Today (RT) officials, as well as records of any payments received by Mr. Flynn from foreign sources. 

FOIA Request to Army Corps of Engineers Seeking Assessments of the Environmental Impact of the Border Wall

March 29, 2017
FOIA to Army Corps of Engineers seeking assessments of the environmental impact of the wall.

FOIA Request to Army Corps of Engineers Regarding Use of Eminent Domain and the Border Wall

March 29, 2017
FOIA seeking assessments or analysis of the use of eminent domain to secure land for the wall. 

FOIA Request to Multiple Agencies for Ethics Waivers Provided to Political Appointees

March 22, 2017
FOIA request to multiple agencies for ethics waivers provided to political appointees in light of the Office of Government Ethics request for information.