Entity: Department of Defense

Checking Up on Trump’s Claims that Military Experts Told Him to Ban Transgender Troops

January 24, 2019
The Supreme Court’s decision on Tuesday to allow the Trump administration to ban most transgender people from military service reignited questions over whether any actual military or national security considerations dictated the discriminatory policy.

FOIA to DOD Seeking New Political Appointee Resumes and Job Titles

January 18, 2019
FOIA to DOD seeking resumes, job titles, SF-50s, and ethics waivers for political appointees who joined the administration or were assigned to new positions after the date of American Oversight’s previous request for this information submitted in late 2017.

FOIA to DOD Seeking Records Regarding Trump Tweets About Syria

January 18, 2019
FOIA to DOD seeking records regarding Trump's tweets about withdrawing from Syria and "defeating ISIS."

No Records Response from DOD Regarding Communications between Senior DOD Officials and Erik Prince

January 11, 2019
No records response from the Department of Defense in response to our FOIA seeking all communications between senior DOD officials and Erik Prince.

No Records Response from DOD Regarding Ivanka Trump Use of Personal Email for Government Business

January 10, 2019
No records response from the Department of Defense (DOD) in response to our FOIA seeking communications between DOD political appointees and WH personnel regarding Ivanka Trump's use of personal email, as well as communications with Ivanka Trump or law firms representing her.

Investigating the Acting Defense Secretary’s Ties to Boeing

January 9, 2019
Acting Secretary Patrick Shanahan spent more than 30 years working for Boeing, and recent news reports raise some questions about his bias.

FOIA to DOD Seeking Jared Kushner Emails

January 2, 2019
FOIA to DOD seeking all emails sent to or received from Jared Kushner or anyone acting on his behalf from any email address that does not end in .gov, including but not limited to emails with the domain @jkfamily.com or @ijkfamily.com.

American Oversight Launches Investigation of Administration’s Response to ‘Migrant Caravan’

December 19, 2018
American Oversight is investigating the violence at the U.S.-Mexico border as well as the Trump administration’s politicization of the so-called migrant caravan, which the president termed “an invasion,” in the run-up to the midterm elections.
San Ysidro

No Records Response From DOD Regarding Deputy Secretary Shanahan Communications About The ‘Space Force’

December 19, 2018
No records response from the Defense Department regarding communications from Deputy Secretary Patrick Shanahan about Boeing's Air Force One contract or the creation of a so-called "space force." (DOD-18-0863)

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Communications with Search Terms Related to the Migrant Caravan

December 18, 2018
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking communications search terms like: migrant, caravan, soros, and Middle Eastern.