Entity: Department of Energy

FOIA Seeking Communications with Murray Energy Corporation

January 31, 2018
FOIA seeking communications with and regarding Murray Energy Corporation.

FOIA Seeking Information Related to Murray Energy

January 31, 2018
FOIA seeking any cover letters, cover sheets, exhibits, attachments, accompanying powerpoint presentations—of the “action plan” from Robert E. Murray of the Murray Energy Corporation dated March 23, 2017 that was provided to, sent to, shared with, or otherwise shown to Secretary Perry at a meeting held between Mr. Murray and Secretary Perry on or about March 29, 2017.

No Records Response From the Western Area Power Administration

January 29, 2018
No records response from the Western Area Power Administration in response to our FOIA request to DOE for communications between DOE and specified industry and trade groups. We are still waiting to hear back from several DOE components.

FOIA to Multiple Entities Seeking Oaths of Office

January 19, 2018
FOIA to multiple entities seeking oaths of office.

New FOIAs Seek Answers on Tax Reform, Hurricane Relief, and Trump Appointees

December 11, 2017
Over the last few weeks, we’ve filed a series of FOIA requests looking into the conflicts of interest that keep cropping up in the Trump administration, targeting recent events in the news cycle like tax reform, questionable appointees, and hurricane relief efforts.

FOIA to DOE for Updated Political Appointee Resumes and Job Titles

November 28, 2017
Updated FOIA request to DOE seeking resumes and job titles for political appointees hired by President Trump after March 21st, 2017. This FOIA updates a previous request submitted by American Oversight seeking this information.

American Oversight and EWG Seek Records of Industry Influence at Department of Energy

November 16, 2017
American Oversight and the Environmental Working Group asked the Department of Energy for its communications with the energy industry over the Trump administration’s proposed bailout of failing coal and nuclear power plants.

FOIA to DOE for Calendars of Senior Officials

November 1, 2017
FOIA to DOE seeking calendars for Secretary Rick Perry, Dan Brouilette, Brian McCormack, Deputy Chief of Staff to Brian McCormack, and Frank G. Klotz, Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Administrator (NNSA).