Entity: Department of Energy

DOE Email Records with Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Office

May 29, 2020
Emails produced by the Department of Energy in response to American Oversight's request for communications between political appointees and representatives of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's senate or campaign staff.

DOE Calendar Entries for Communications with Assistant Sec. for Fossil Energy Steven Winberg and Trump Donor Bob Murray

May 28, 2020
Records from the Department of Energy reflecting calendar entries of phone calls between Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steven Winberg and Robert Murray, a political donor to President Donald Trump and Secretary Rick Perry, or employees of Murray Energy or FirstEnergy.

DOE Records in Response to Request for Communications with FirstEnergy

May 27, 2020
Records from the Department of Energy of emails and documents concerning nuclear technologies. These records are a response to American Oversight's request for communications between the Office of Nuclear Energy Senior Advisor Suzanne Jaworowski and employees of FirstEnergy. FirstEnergy has strong ties to political donor Bob Murray's organization, Murray Energy.

DOE Calendars for Senior Officials from January and February 2018

May 26, 2020
Calendars from the Department of Energy for Secretary Rick Perry from January and February 2018. These records also include the calendars of Deputy Secretary Dan Brouillette's through January 2018.

News Roundup: One Firing, Multiple Scandals

May 22, 2020
Trump's firing of the State Department's inspector general has unearthed a series of concerning stories about the conduct of the very person who pressed for the firing — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

FOIA to DOE Seeking Communications With or About Dan and Farris Wilks

May 20, 2020
FOIA request to the Department of Energy seeking email communications with or about the Wilks brothers, Dan and Farris.

News Roundup: The Subversion of Justice at the Justice Department

May 15, 2020
From investigations into the president’s perceived enemies to interference in the criminal cases of Trump allies like Flynn and Roger Stone, the ongoing politicization of the department is a dangerous threat to the rule of law.

FOIA to DOE Seeking Secretary Perry’s Communications with Tellurian Inc

May 14, 2020
FOIA to the Department of Energy seeking communications between top departmental officials, including Secretary Perry, and energy company Tellurian Inc. or its subsidiaries.

News Roundup: Who Will Watch the Inspectors General?

May 8, 2020
Every week seems to bring a new example of President Donald Trump’s disdain — or fear — of independent oversight.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Communications between Brian Miller and Agencies Involved in Impeachment Inquiry

May 1, 2020
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking communications between former White House Counsel lawyer Brian Miller and agency leadership.