Entity: Department of Homeland Security

DHS Records Related to Secretary Kelly and the Wall

June 6, 2018
Records from DHS related to the Congressional testimony of DHS Secretary Kelly. In June 2018, we received additional DHS materials related to Kelly's HSGAC hearing.

FOIA to DHS Regarding School Discipline Guidance and Secretary DeVos’ Safety Commission.

May 2, 2018
FOIA to DHS seeking communications regarding the establishment or activities of the School Safety Commission, the Obama administration’s guidance on school discipline, GAO report “K-12 Education: Discipline Disparities for Black Students, Boys, and Students with Disabilities," or racial disparities in school discipline policies between Security Kirstjen Nielsen and others her office.

FOIA to DHS Regarding Nondisclosure Agreements and Restrictions on Appointees

May 1, 2018
FOIA to DHS seeking communications concerning actual or potential limitations on the ability of current or former federal employees to communicate with Congress between the White House and appointees.

FOIA to DHS Seeking Restrictions on Communications with Congress

May 1, 2018
FOIA seeking all DHS forms, policies, instructions, or agreements provided to DHS employees or otherwise implemented since January 20, 2017 that reference communications with Congress, including those with either non-disclosure or non-disparagement provisions, and including all modifications, rescissions, or other changes. This FOIA is also seeking other records related to restriction of communications.

Records From DHS Regarding SBInet Program

April 30, 2018
Records in response to our litigation seeking records related to the decision to initiate a reassessment of the SBInet program.

CBP, FWS, and BLM Records on Environmental Impact of Border Maintenance

April 23, 2018
Records from Customs and Border Protection, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Land Management including communications and analyses related to the environmental impact of infrastructure maintenance and construction on border land.

FOIA to DHS/FEMA Regarding Puerto Rico Preparedness

April 19, 2018
FOIA seeking all threat assessments, contingency plans, and plans related to preparedness and response to any potential or actual hurricane strike on Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands received, sent, or prepared before September 5, 2017.

FOIA to FEMA Regarding Puerto Rico Seeking Communications with Food Retailers

April 19, 2018
FOIA seeking communications between FEMA and Walmart and other food retailers in Puerto Rico (including, but not limited to, Selectos Supermarket, Supermercado Econo and Edwards Food Market) concerning A) requests for fuel from food retailers in Puerto Rico and B) retailer decisions to close for any period of time due to a lack of fuel, or C) food waste following Hurricane Maria and Irma.

FOIA to FEMA Regarding Bids for Contract Following Hurricanes Maria and Irma

April 19, 2018
FOIA seeking records of all contracts related to the response to Hurricanes Maria and Irma in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands that have been cancelled, are in default, or have previously been in default and any communications regarding these contracts.

FOIA to FEMA Regarding a Particular Contract Following Hurricanes Maria and Irma

April 19, 2018
FOIA seeking al bids submitted for contract solicitation number HSFE70-17-R-MARIAMEALS.