Entity: Department of Housing and Urban Development

FOIA to HUD Seeking Foster Communications Regarding Carson Office Redecoration and Other Matters

February 27, 2018
FOIA request to the Department of Housing and Urban Development seeking records of communications with HUD official Helen Foster regarding 1) the redecoration of Sec Carson's office; 2) handling of FOIA requests related to Lynne Patton; 3) budget shortfalls; 4) installation of a security system in Carson's home.

American Oversight Calls for a HUD IG Investigation into Carson’s Leadership

February 21, 2018
Following the release of emails uncovered by American Oversight and independent reporting by the Washington Post and CNN, the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Inspector General has announced that it will be conducting an investigation into the role that Secretary Ben Carson’s family - and in particular his son, Ben Carson Jr. - has been playing at the department.

Inside the Documents: Ben Carson Jr’s HUD Emails

February 16, 2018
The documents we obtained revealed how Ben Jr. used his special access to play matchmaker between his business contacts in the city and his powerful father.

New HUD Emails Show Secretary Ben Carson’s Son Taking Role at Agency

February 1, 2018
Emails and other documents uncovered by American Oversight's lawsuit against the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) show that Secretary Ben Carson's son, Ben Carson Jr., has been using his influence at the agency to connect business associates with senior government officials.

HUD Records Relating to Ben Carson Jr

February 1, 2018
Documents from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) related to the role of Secretary Carson's son, Ben Carson Jr., at the department and his participation in a listening tour event in Baltimore.

FOIA to HUD Regarding Merlynn Carson’s Influence

February 1, 2018
FOIA to HUD regarding Merlynn Carson's role at HUD and the questionable no-bid government contract that was awarded to her company. The FOIA is to find out if Ms. Carson may be influencing and/or benefitting from federal policy.

HUD Records of Secretary Carson Decision Memos

January 25, 2018
Documents from the Department of Housing and Urban Development related to American Oversight's FOIA request for decision memos signed by Secretary Ben Carson. This page contains two sets of documents.

FOIA to Multiple Entities Seeking Oaths of Office

January 19, 2018
FOIA to multiple entities seeking oaths of office.

Position Description for Strong Cities Executive

January 8, 2018
The position description for the position John Gibbs was first hired into, before being shifted to be a senior advisor.

HUD Appointee Resumes – van Duyne, Gibbs, Bourne

January 8, 2018
Records from HUD in response to our request for resumes, SF-50s, and position descriptions for specified individuals discussed in the NY Magazine/ProPublica article "Is Anyone Home at HUD?"