Entity: Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD Records Related to Senior Advisor’s Promotion

December 18, 2018
Housing and Urban Development records in response to our FOIA seeking all SF-50 forms related to Mason Alexander and a change in position or title, as well as records showing the official titles and duties of Alexander.

HUD Emails Regarding the Handling of FOIA Requests

December 13, 2018
HUD records, including internal and congressional emails, about the processing of Freedom of Information Act requests at the agency.

Housing and Urban Development Emails Sent and Received by Beth Van Duyne to Non-HUD Email Addresses in 2017

November 30, 2018
Department of Housing and Urban Development emails sent and received by Beth Van Duyne from non-HUD email addresses. Beth Van Duyne is HUD's Region 6 director. In the past, she was mayor of Irving, Texas where she spread Islamophobic rumors. These emails are from 2017.

American Oversight Expands Its Investigation of Administration’s Improper Email Use

November 29, 2018
After last week’s Washington Post report that Ivanka Trump used a personal email account for official business on hundreds of occasions, American Oversight is continuing its investigation not just into the extent to which the president’s daughter and senior adviser violated records rules, but also into whether such risky actions extended to other officials within Trump’s cabinet.

FOIA to HUD Seeking Secretary Carson’s Personal Email Communications

November 29, 2018
FOIA to HUD seeking communications any non-governmental email address attributed to Secretary Ben Carson, as well as emails he forwarded to his government account.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Communications Regarding Ivanka Trump’s Use of Personal Email

November 20, 2018
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking communications with the agencies, the White House, and Ivanka Trump’s law firms regarding Ivanka Trump and her use of personal email.

HUD Communications Between Certain Employees and White House Employees

October 31, 2018
Housing and Urban Development communications between Beth van Duyne, John Gibbs, Christopher Bourne, or Lynne Patton and anyone in the Executive Office of the President.

HUD Emails Involving Armstrong Williams

October 22, 2018
Housing and Urban Development emails involving Carson-ally Armstrong Williams and related email domains. American Oversight requested these records because of the long relationship between Carson and Williams, who is a business partner of Sinclair Media.

No Records Response From HUD Regarding Communications With Armstrong Williams and Sinclair Media

October 22, 2018
Housing and Urban Development stated that it had no records of communications with Armstrong Williams or Sinclair Media for a particular set of custodians. This is an interim response; additional custodians are currently being searched/reviewed.

FOIA to HUD Seeking Updated Senior Staff Calendars

October 17, 2018
FOIA to HUD seeking calendars for Secretary Ben Carson, Pamela Hughes Patenaude, Sheila Greenwood, Deana Bass, Lynne Patton, and Dana Page, among others from December 1, 2017 through the date of search.