Entity: Department of Labor

FOIA Request to Department of Labor Overtime Rule

July 21, 2017
Records pertaining to the status of the Department of Labor's Overtime Rule from January 20, 2017 onward.

FOIA Request to Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule

July 21, 2017
Records related to the Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule from January 20, 2017 onward.

FOIA Request to DOL Communications With Third Party Advocacy Groups

July 18, 2017
Communications between political appointees and members of third-party policy-advocacy organizations.

DOL Emails to Office of Government Ethics Regarding Waivers Provided to Political Appointees

June 20, 2017
The Department of Labor's final response letter to American Oversight's FOIA request (MULTI-17-0156-0179) for ethics waivers provided to political appointees; records regarding the Office of Government Ethics request for information.

Voluntary Dismissal Motion – SBA

June 8, 2017
American Oversight voluntarily dismissed its complaint against the SBA after the agency indicated it would comply with the FOIA request seeking communications with Ivanka Trump.

Watchdog Files Lawsuit to Obtain Ivanka Trump’s Emails

May 17, 2017
American Oversight today sued to obtain emails from the time period at the start of the Trump administration during which Ivanka Trump advised the president and offered input to executive agencies but refused to become a government employee subject to ethics rules.

Complaint: American Oversight v. Department of Commerce et.al. – Ivanka Emails

May 17, 2017
Complaint filed by American Oversight against the Departments of Commerce, Education, Treasury, Labor, and the Small Business Administration for communications with Ivanka Trump.

DOL Identities and Resumes of New Political Appointees

May 8, 2017
DOL responded to our FOIA request (DOL-17-0104) providing names, job titles, and resumes for a number of the political appointees at the department. DOL stated that it had no ethics waivers for any of these individuals.

FOIA Request to Labor Department Identities and Resumes of New Political Appointees

April 12, 2017
Records identifying new political appointees working at the department, including resumes as well as any ethics or conflict of interest waivers or authorizations.

FOIA Request to DOL Seeking Communications and Records of Meetings with Ivanka Trump

March 31, 2017
FOIA seeking communications and records of meetings with Ivanka Trump and DOL officials.