Entity: Department of the Interior

News Roundup: Elaine Chao’s Stocks, Trump’s Handwritten Notes, and the Administration’s Communications with the NRA

May 31, 2019
Elijah Cummings has accused the administration of blocking a congressional investigation of the Education Department’s attempts to replace its internal watchdog.

FOIA to DOI Seeking Communications with the National Rifle Association

May 30, 2019
FOIA to the Department of Interior seeking communications between senior Department officials and the National Rifle Association.

BSEE Calendars for Scott Angelle from May 2017 to March 2019

May 23, 2019
Calendars from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement for Director Scott Angelle. This calendar is from May 2017 to March 2019.

No Records Response From Interior Regarding the Twin Metals Mining Leases

May 23, 2019
No records response from Interior's Office of the Solicitor to our request for communications regarding the mining leases of Twin Metals in Minnesota. These leases are held by a subsidiary of a company owned by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s Washington, D.C. landlord.

News Roundup: Investigating State-Level Threats to Democracy

May 17, 2019
With so much attention trained on tackling federal misconduct in the Trump administration, corruption at the state and local levels has flourished and often gone unchecked.

News Roundup: Casinos and Questions

May 10, 2019
Climate change, the Mueller report, and three new lawsuits.
Donald Trump and Matt Schlapp in 2018 (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

FOIA to DOI Seeking Communications Regarding Federal Climate Change Reports

May 9, 2019
FOIA to DOI seeking communications relating to U.S. Global Change Research Program reports confirming the scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change.

News Roundup: Above the Law

May 3, 2019
From his mixing of business with public service to his resistance to congressional investigations, Trump and his administration have been operating as if they are above the law.

BSEE Cell Phone Logs for Scott Angelle from December 2017 to March 2019

April 30, 2019
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) cell phone logs from Director Scott Angelle. These records only include Angelle's cell phone calls, as BSEE has stated that they do “not maintain or have access to call logs or billing records for office phones.” In 2017, Angelle gave out his cell phone number to a group of oil executives, encouraging them to call him to avoid public records laws. The logs— dating from Dec 1, 2017 to March 30, 2019 — show calls between Angelle, the American Petroleum institute, Chevron, and others. 

FOIA to DOI Office of the Solicitor Seeking Records Relating to Twin Metals’s Mining Leases

April 30, 2019
FOIA to DOI Office of the Solicitor seeking records relating to mining leases held by subsidiary of company owned by Ivanka and Jared Kushner's Washington, D.C. landlord.