Entity: Department of the Interior

10 Questions about the Border Wall that Deserve Big, Beautiful Answers

April 4, 2017
President Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border has raised a lot of questions since he began talking about it at campaign rallies nearly two years ago – and this week, the American people will finally have a chance to get some answers. Here are ten questions that we’ll be watching for and that we would like to see answered:

FOIA Request to Interior Seeking Zinke’s Calendars Containing Border Wall Meetings

March 29, 2017
FOIA seeking calendars for Secretary Zinke and any meetings related to the wall. 

FOIA Request to Interior Seeking Assessments of the Environmental Impact of the Border Wall

March 29, 2017
FOIA seeking assessments of the environmental impact of the wall. 

FOIA Request to Interior Department Seeking Correspondence with Tohono O’odham Nation

March 29, 2017
FOIA to Interior seeking correspondence with the Tohono O’odham Nation regarding the wall. 

Statement on Trump Administration Proposal to Build Border Wall South of Rio Grande

March 28, 2017
Earlier today, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told the Public Lands Council that the Trump Administration plans to physically build the proposed border wall on the southern bank of the Rio Grande River in Mexican territory.

FOIA Request to Multiple Agencies for Ethics Waivers Provided to Political Appointees

March 22, 2017
FOIA request to multiple agencies for ethics waivers provided to political appointees in light of the Office of Government Ethics request for information.

FOIA Request to Interior Department Seeking Identities and Resumes of New Political Appointees

March 13, 2017
FOIA seeking records identifying new political appointees working at the department, including resumes as well as any ethics or conflict of interest waivers or authorizations.