Entity: Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Select Email Communications with CVA

December 23, 2020
Email communications in response to American Oversight's request for communications between select VA officials and employees of Concerned Veterans for America.

Letter to Multiple Agencies Concerning Federal Workers’ Whistleblower Rights

December 21, 2020
Government Accountability Project and American Oversight joint letter to 25 federal agencies concerning the whistleblower rights of federal workers and agency responsibility to inform them of their rights during presidential transitions of power.

VA Records Regarding Concerned Veterans of America

December 9, 2020
Veterans Affairs documents in response to our FOIA request seeking records related to Concerned Veterans for America.

VA Records of Wilkie’s Personal Communications Concerning Agency Business

December 4, 2020
Records from the Department of Veterans Affairs in response to American Oversight's request for all electronic messages from personal devices for Secretary Wilkie concerning government business after American Oversight obtained records showing that Wilkie used his personal accounts for official communications. These records include work-related emails from Wilkie's personal email account spanning from April 2018 to September 2020.

VHA Memos Regarding Covid-19 from Spring 2020

December 1, 2020
Records from the Veterans Health Administration in response to American Oversight's request for coronavirus-related risk assessments. These records include related memos from Spring 2020.

Veterans Affairs Documents Reveal More Details About Agency’s PPE Shortages

November 25, 2020
American Oversight obtained records that shed more light on the VA’s struggles during the first few months of the pandemic.

Investigations Update: Krebs’ Firing, Federal Record Preservation Laws, and Trump’s Contacts with Michigan Officials

November 24, 2020
See the latest in our investigations into the presidential transition process, the Trump administration’s compliance with document preservation laws, and false claims of widespread voter fraud.

FOIA to VA Seeking Communications of Designated Agency Transition Official

November 23, 2020
FOIA request to the Department of Veterans Affairs seeking communication records of the agency’s designated presidential transition official.

Withheld Records Response from VA Regarding Calendars of Senior Officials During Early Spread of Covid-19

October 7, 2020
The Department of Veterans Affairs said it is withholding nine pages responsive to American Oversight's request for the calendars of top officials during the early spread of coronavirus in the United States.

No Records Response from USPS Regarding Assessments About Prescription Delivery Delays

September 28, 2020
The U.S. Postal Service stated that it had no records responsive to American Oversight's request for assessments about prescription delivery delays due to operational changes at USPS.