Entity: Federal Communications Commission

News Roundup: Mueller Speaks

July 26, 2019
Special Counsel Robert Mueller made his long-awaited and much-anticipated appearance before Congress on Wednesday.

FOIA to FCC Seeking Communications with Private Prison Companies, Contractors Profiting from Detention and Incarceration, and Its Lobbyists

July 23, 2019
FOIA to the Federal Communications Commission seeking communications with private prison companies, contractors profiting from detention and incarceration, and their lobbyists. This FOIA request was filed in partnership with the non-profit advocacy organization Worth Rises.

FOIA to FCC Seeking New Political Appointee Resumes and Job Titles

January 18, 2019
FOIA to FCC seeking resumes, job titles, SF-50s, and ethics waivers for political appointees who joined the administration or were assigned to new positions after the date of American Oversight’s previous request for this information submitted in late 2017.

FCC Communications With AT&T

September 26, 2018
Federal Communications Commission political appointee communications with AT&T, including communications about the dinner Chairman Pai had with AT&T executive Bob Quinn on Feb. 27, 2017.

FCC Scheduler Emails With Outside Groups

September 12, 2018
Federal Communications Commission emails between Chairman Ajit Pai's scheduler Lori Alexiou and people outside of the government between November 2016 and April 2018.

No Records Response From FCC Regarding Communications with Michael Cohen and His Associates

August 30, 2018
No records response from FCC to our request for communications between any appointee and the following: Michael Cohen, Essential Consultants, Corey Lewandowski, Jason Osborne, Mike Rubino, Barry Bennett, Turnberry Solutions LLC, and Avenue Strategies.

FCC Materials On Barcelona Meeting With AT&T Executives

August 30, 2018
Federal Communications Commission materials related to Chairman Ajit Pai's trip to Barcelona, where he met with the AT&T executive who had hired Michael Cohen.

FCC Communications About Chairman Pai’s Dinner With AT&T

August 30, 2018
Federal Communications Commission internal communications about Chairman Ajit Pai's February 2017 dinner with Bob Quinn, the AT&T executive who hired Michael Cohen.

American Oversight Sues Six Trump Agencies for Communications with Cohen, Lewandowski

August 29, 2018
American Oversight today sued six Trump administration agencies to find out if members of President Trump's inner circle – including Michael Cohen and Corey Lewandowski – exploited their connections to lobby senior officials.

Complaint: American Oversight v. Multiple Agencies – Cohen and Lewandowski Communications

August 29, 2018
Lawsuit seeking communications between former members of President Trump's inner circle -- including Michael Cohen and Corey Lewandowski -- and political appointees at six federal agencies. The lawsuit seeks records from the Departments of Defense, Justice, Health and Human Services, State, the Treasury, and the Federal Communications Commission.