Entity: HHS - Food and Drug Administration

FDA Communications with the Opioid Industry

February 14, 2019
Food and Drug Administration documents showing communications with the opioid industry.

FOIA to FDA Seeking Political Appointee Resumes and Job Titles

January 18, 2019
FOIA to FDA seeking political appointee resumes, titles, SF-50 forms, and ethics waivers since January 20, 2017.

FDA Records Regarding Communications Between Political Appointees and Mindy Brashears

September 12, 2018
Food and Drug Administration records regarding communications between political appointees and Mindy Brashears, prior to her appointment to the FDA. These records reflect the processing of AO's FOIA request and not any substantive records.

Watchdog Demands Records on Rudy Giuliani’s Past Consulting for OxyContin Manufacturer

August 24, 2018
American Oversight today demanded the release of records to uncover the role that Rudy Giuliani may have played in quashing federal investigations into Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of the powerful prescription opioid OxyContin. In the early 2000s, Purdue worked with Giuliani’s consulting firm while Giuliani served as a consultant to the Justice Department (DOJ) on opioid issues and fundraised for a museum honoring the Drug Enforcement Administration

FOIA to FDA Seeking Communications with Giuliani Regarding Opioids

August 24, 2018
FOIA to FDA seeking communications between senior appointees and Rudy Giuliani or Purdue Pharma between 2002-2008.

FOIA to FDA Regarding the Appointment of Mindy Brashears

August 10, 2018
FOIA to FDA seeking communications between USDA political appointees and Mindy Brashears in order to shed light on her appointment to lead the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service given her ties to the industry.

No Records Response from FDA Regarding Communications With Michael Cohen or Associates

July 24, 2018
No responsive records from FDA reflecting communications between any FDA political appointee and Michael Cohen or any of his associates.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Communications to Determine Trump Associates’ Influence

May 11, 2018
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking to shed light on whether or not Michael Cohen or any of his associates have influenced federal activities, including whether they have received special treatment for their high-paying clients. American Oversight is seeking communications between any appointee and the following: Michael Cohen, Essential Consultants, Corey Lewandowski, Jason Osborne, Mike Rubino, Barry Bennett, Turnberry Solutions LLC, and Avenue Strategies.