Entity: Georgia

Emails from Spring 2021 Show County Officials’ Opposition to Local Election Board Restructuring in Georgia

December 1, 2021
American Oversight has obtained records showing backlash among county election officials against efforts to give partisan actors control over election administration.

Georgia Office of the Governor Records in Response to Request for Contracts and Directives Regarding 2021 Redistricting

June 2, 2021
Heavily redacted records from the Georgia Office of the Governor in response to American Oversight's request for records of contracts relevant to the 2021 redistricting process, including for map drawing software, consultants, or legal counsel, as well as directives regarding the redistricting process.

Georgia Attorney General’s Office Jan. 2021 Communications for Attorney General Darr and Solicitor General Pinson

May 11, 2021
Email communications from the Office of the Georgia Attorney General in response to American Oversight's request for communication records dated from Jan. 4 to Jan. 8, 2021, for Arizona Attorney General Chris Carr and Solicitor General Andrew Pinson.

News Roundup: Voting Rights and Trump Accountability

May 7, 2021
In addition to focusing on threats to voting rights and democracy, American Oversight has also been working to hold Trump officials accountable for their actions.

Investigations Update: Covid-19 in Immigration Detention, MPD’s Kettling of Protesters, and Covid-19 Liability Shields

March 16, 2021
See the latest in our investigations into the spread of Covid-19 in immigration detention centers, D.C. police response to last summer’s racial justice protests, and state and local officials’ involvement in the “Stop the Steal” rally.

Investigations Update: Covid-19 Outbreaks in Meatpacking Facilities, New Arizona Voting-Restriction Bills

March 2, 2021
See the latest in our investigations into worker safety and health in meatpacking facilities during the coronavirus pandemic, voting restrictions in the states, and Stephen Miller’s influence over immigration policy.

Investigations Update: Florida Vaccine Distribution, Anti-Protest Measures, and Trump’s Efforts to Overturn Georgia’s Election Results

February 9, 2021
See the latest in our investigations into the coronavirus pandemic response and into officials’ attempts to interfere with democracy.

Investigations Update: State and Local Officials Involved in Capitol Attack

January 26, 2021
See the latest in our investigations into the events leading up to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, including the involvement of state attorneys general and local government officials.

American Oversight Demands Records of Raffensperger, Kemp Communications with White House and Trump Lawyers

January 5, 2021
Following news of the president’s alarming call with Georgia’s secretary of state, we’re investigating Trump’s efforts to pressure state officials to overturn election result