Entity: Georgia Department of Public Health

No Records Response from Ga. Department of Public Health Regarding Communications with Surveillance Companies About Covid-19

July 27, 2020
The Georgia Department of Public Health stated that it had no records of responsive to American Oversight's request fo communications with surveillance companies offering coronavirus-related services or products, including the company Palantir Technologies.

Investigations Update: Trump Administration’s Occupation of Portland, CDC Hospital Data, and the Republican Convention

July 21, 2020
Our latest investigations into allegations of misconduct at the State Department, the federal occupation of U.S. cities, and the ongoing response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf gives an interview on July 16 in Las Vegas

Records Request to Ga. DPH Seeking Communication with Surveillance Companies Regarding Covid-19

July 17, 2020
Records request to the Georgia Department of Public Health asking for communications (including email messages and calendar invitations) with surveillance companies regarding Covid-19.

No Records Response from Georgia Department of Public Health Related to Collection of COVID-19 Patients’ Racial or Ethnic Identities

May 6, 2020
The Georgia Department of Public Health stated that it had no records of guidance, instructions, or similar concerning the Department’s collection of the racial or ethnic identities of COVID-19 patients.

ORR to Georgia DPH for Directives Addressing the Collection of COVID Patient Racial Demographic Data

May 1, 2020
An Open Records Act to the Georgia Department of Public Health seeking agency directives and guidance addressing the agency’s failure to record the race or ethnicity of patients being tested or treated for COVID-19, which reduced the ability of national health experts to evaluate whether the virus is disproportionately affecting communities of color.

News Roundup: Who Stands to Gain?

April 17, 2020
As the administration’s tragically mismanaged response to the coronavirus continues to lurch onward, the answers to that question are more important than ever.
New York City during coronavirus lockdown

Public Information Request to Georgia’s Public Health Department Seeking Communications Sent to External Entities Advocating to Restrict Abortion Access

April 13, 2020
Public Information Request seeking communications sent by officials in the Georgia Department of Public Health to non-governmental organizations which advocate to restrict abortion access.