Entity: DOD - National Security Agency

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts

May 22, 2020
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking any transcripts of calls between Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Kislyak in December 2016.

Complaint: American Oversight v. CIA, NSA – Directives on Cooperation with Congress

April 17, 2020
American Oversight's lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency for any directives or guidance, from the White House or the agencies, seeking to limit cooperation with Congress.

News Roundup: Launching Our Investigation of Trump’s Authoritarian Purges

February 28, 2020
Loyalty over truth and political advantage over public service and safety are hallmarks of authoritarianism.

FOIA Seeking Directives Limiting NSA Cooperation with Congressional Committees

February 28, 2020
FOIA seeking directives from the White House or within NSA seeking to limit the agency’s cooperation with congressional inquiries.

FOIA to NSA Regarding Failure to Warn Jamal Khashoggi

December 5, 2018
FOIA to NSA seeking records related to the duty to warn Khashoggi under Directive 191 and any determination to waive the duty to warn requirement.