Entity: Office of Management and Budget

Trump Administration Appeals Court Decision Ordering It to Turn Over Communications with Congress About ACA Sabotage

May 30, 2019
This spring, a federal judge rejected a Trump administration argument for withholding communications about weakening the Affordable Care Act. Now the administration is appealing that decision.

FOIA to OMB Seeking Records Related to Communications with Frank Luntz

May 20, 2019
FOIA to OMB seeking records relating to communications with Republican pollster Frank Luntz.

FOIA to OMB Seeking WhatsApp Messages Between Jared Kushner and Mick Mulvaney

May 1, 2019
FOIA to OMB seeking WhatsApp messages between Jared Kushner and Director Mick Mulvaney.

Federal Judge Rejects Administration’s Argument for Withholding Communications with Congress about ACA Sabotage

April 2, 2019
In a major win for transparency, a federal judge rejected an argument the administration was using to withhold communications about executive branch options for weakening the Affordable Care Act.

FOIA to OMB Seeking Records Regarding the Disbursement or Lack of Funds Allocated for Puerto Rico’s Disaster Relief

April 2, 2019
FOIA to OMB seeking records regarding the disbursement of funds-- or any decision to prevent or delay the disbursement of funds-- to Puerto Rico to aid in the island's recovery from Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

FOIA to OMB Requesting Agency Communications with Ginni Thomas

March 13, 2019
FOIA to Office of Management and Budget requesting email communications between high-ranking agency officials and Ginni Thomas, spouse of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

FOIA to OMB Seeking Communications of Neomi Rao

February 22, 2019
FOIA to the Office of Management and Budget seeking OIRA Administrator Neomi Rao’s communications with certain non-government individuals and organizations.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Communications with Ballard Partners

February 14, 2019
FOIA Request to multiple agencies lobbied by lobbying firm Ballard Partners seeking communications with Trump administration political appointees. Florida-based Ballard Partners has grown rapidly due to its connections with the Trump administration, and this request seeks to uncover Ballard's influence on the administration.

FOIA to OMB Regarding Analyses and Communications Related to the Tip Rule

February 14, 2019
FOIA to OMB seeking communications and final analyses of the impact of the tip rule proposed by the Department of Labor in December 2017.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Records of Reimbursements During the Government Shutdown

January 28, 2019
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking records of reimbursements given to appointees to expenses such as payments associated with travel, housing, the cost of government transportation, airfare, lodging, meals, per diem payments, rental vehicles, overtime payments, or any payments made via government-issued charge cards or travel during the government shutdown.