Entity: Texas - Starr County

Investigations Update: Covid-19 Medical Supplies Lawsuit, Rio Grande Valley Outbreak, and Operation Legend

August 11, 2020
The latest in our investigations of the Trump administration's pandemic coordination with states, the deployment of federal agents to cities, and other issues.
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Records Request to Starr County, Tex., Seeking Communications with Federal Agencies Involved in Pandemic Response

August 10, 2020
Records request to Starr County, Tex., seeking communications with federal agencies involved in the Covid-19 pandemic response.

News Roundup: Rising Coronavirus Fears and Sinking Public Trust

March 6, 2020
The uncertainty and fear surrounding the coronavirus have laid bare the deadly consequences of President Donald Trump’s demand for obsequious loyalty and a refusal to take responsibility for mistakes.

Public Information Request to Multiple Texas Counties Seeking Information Regarding iVotronic Voting Machines

March 3, 2020
Public information request to multiple Texas counties seeking information regarding iVotronic Voting Machines, including error reports.

Texas Officials’ Communications with ‘Voter Fraud’ Activists

December 23, 2019
We launched our State Accountability Project in March with the goal of shedding light on voter suppression and election issues. Here's a look at what we've discovered so far.

News Roundup: Trump, Giuliani, and Ukraine

September 20, 2019
“Unprecedented” is a word that has been used a lot in the past few years — including this week.
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In the Documents: Texas Elections Officials’ Close Ties to ‘Voter Fraud’ Activists

September 18, 2019
New documents offer an inside look at the troublingly close relationships between election officials and voting-restriction advocates in the Lone Star State.

Starr County in Texas Election Officials Communications with Voter Fraud Activist Groups

July 10, 2019
Records reflecting communications between Starr County election officials and individuals or entities, such as the American Civil Rights Union, that have advocated for restrictions on voting on the basis of preventing voter fraud.

State Directives Starr County in Texas Received Regarding Election Procedures

June 26, 2019
Records from the Starr County Elections Division in Texas containing directives the office received from the Texas Secretary of State from May 2017 to May 2019.

FOIA to Starr County, Texas, Seeking Voter Roll Maintenance Directives

June 7, 2019
Public information request to Starr County, Texas, seeking communications regarding voter roll maintenance.