Entity: DHS - United States Secret Service

News Roundup: Sham Audit, Sham Findings

July 22, 2021
Officials involved in the Arizona Senate's partisan election "audit" have said they still need more information before they can complete it. They also introduced new baseless allegations.

DHS Records of USSS Health and Safety Procedures During Trump’s Covid-19 Treatment

June 30, 2021
Records from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in response to American Oversight's request for records of the procedures implemented to protect the health and safety of President Donald Trump and federal employees during his treatment for Covid-19. These records include U.S. Secret Service health procedures.

USSS Records Regarding Spending and Overtime Costs for Trump’s Visit to Trump Turnberry Resort

May 18, 2021
Records from the U.S. Secret Service in response to American Oversight’s request for records sufficient to show the total Secret Service spending during President Donald Trump's July 2018 visit to the Trump Turnberry resort.

FOIA to U.S. Secret Service Seeking Records Regarding Expenses Made at Trump Properties

April 30, 2021
FOIA request to the U.S. Secret Service seeking records reflecting expenses made by agency employees at Trump properties during the post-presidency period.

DHS Records of USSS Guidance Regarding Prevention of Covid-19 Among Officers

March 11, 2021
Records from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in response to American Oversight's request for U.S. Secret Service seeking guidance regarding measures to prevent or mitigate the spread of coronavirus among Secret Service officers. These records include updates concerning Covid-19 sent by USSS Director James Murray.

DHS Records of USSS Data on Covid-19 Cases Among Officers

March 9, 2021
Records from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in response to American Oversight's request for Secret Service data about the cases of coronavirus among officers. These records include a spreadsheet of cases from March 2020.

American Oversight Sues for Top Officials’ Communications from Day of Capitol Riot

March 9, 2021
We’re seeking records from the Departments of Defense, Justice and Homeland Security that could shed light on how Trump administration officials responded to the Jan. 6 riot, including the delay in National Guard deployment.

American Oversight v. DOD, NGB, ARMY, DOJ, and USSS – Communications and Directives About Capitol Attack During Congressional Certification of 2020 Election Results

March 9, 2021
American Oversight lawsuit against the Department of Defense, the National Guard Bureau, the U.S. Army, the Department of Justice, and the U.S. Secret Service seeking the release of communications and directives concerning the events at the Capitol building during the congressional certification of the 2020 election results on Jan. 6, 2021.

News Roundup: The Lie Lives On

March 4, 2021
This week, we obtained copies of phony electoral vote certifications and DHS records from the day of the Jan. 6 attack, and the Transportation Department released a report on former Secretary Chao’s misuse of her position.

No Records Response from Regarding Records of Call Logs from Jan. 6, 2021

March 1, 2021
The U.S. Secret Service stated that it had no records responsive to American Oversight's request for call logs from Jan. 6, 2021. American Oversight sought these records in light of news reports that President Donald Trump initially denied a deployment request to send the D.C. National Guard to respond to the riot at the Capitol Building.