Entity: Wisconsin - Winnebago County

No Records Response from Winnebago County, Wis., Regarding Absentee Ballot Data

July 29, 2020
The Office of the Winnebago County Clerk in Wisconsin stated that it had no records responsive to our request seeking information about absentee ballot data for the state's April 7, 2020, election.

News Roundup: A Somber Week After Memorial Day

May 29, 2020
As states across the country enter various phases of “reopening,” sobering news about the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic continues to emerge. 

ORR to Winnebago County Seeking Absentee Ballot Data Regarding the April 7, 2020 Election

May 28, 2020
Open Records Request to Winnebago County seeking absentee ballot data for and complaints regarding the April 7 elections.