Entity: Wisconsin Senate

News Roundup: Gone Rogue

May 20, 2022
As false claims about election fraud continue to reverberate around the country, a Wisconsin judge raised concerns that the state’s election inquiry is out of control.

News Roundup: The Frightening Road Ahead

May 6, 2022
Americans are reeling from the revelation of a draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Records Request to Wisconsin Senate for Sen. Stroebel’s Meeting Records and Communications Concerning a Meeting with Ken Cuccinelli

March 7, 2022
Records request to Wisconsin State Senator Stroebel seeking meeting records related to an election integrity meeting with Ken Cuccinelli, communications with Cuccinelli, and communications mentioning Cuccinelli.

Key Takeaways from Michael Gableman’s Report on Investigation into Wisconsin’s 2020 Election

March 3, 2022
American Oversight's fight for the release of public records related to the investigation have revealed the biased and election-undermining origins of the taxpayer-funded operation, which after over eight months culminated in a report rife with misleading claims.

In the Documents: Emails from Wisconsin Legislature, Elections Commission Regarding Efforts to Investigate 2020 Election

January 19, 2022
Records obtained by American Oversight include communications about the state’s bipartisan elections commission, which is currently under attack by state Republicans, as well as emails sent to state Rep. Janel Brandtjen by a conservative attorney who tried to overturn Wisconsin’s 2020 election results.

American Oversight Obtains Records Revealing Increases in Wisconsin Election Investigation’s December Expenses

January 18, 2022
From September to December 2021, salary expenditures nearly doubled in Michael Gableman’s partisan election investigation, which has extended into the new year.

Wisconsin Senate 2021 Calendar Entries for Specific Legislators

January 4, 2022
Records from the Wisconsin Senate in response to American Oversight's request for the 2021 calendar records of Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu and Sens. Duey Stroebel and Mary Felzkowski.

American Oversight Files Third Lawsuit for Wisconsin Election Investigation Records

December 22, 2021
A Wisconsin court ordered Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the Office of Special Counsel to produce records related to the ongoing partisan investigation of the 2020 election or show cause.

News Roundup: Robin Vos and Michael Gableman’s Partisan Investigation

December 3, 2021
Wisconsin’s partisan election investigation got a dose of public accountability this week.

Records Request to Wisconsin Senate for Specific Legislators’ 2021 Calendars

December 2, 2021
Records request to the Wisconsin Senate seeking 2021 calendar records for Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu and Sens. Duey Stroebel and Mary Felzkowski.