FOIA Number: BC-MO-18-0408

Documents Reveal Ben Carson Jr.’s Attempts to Use His Influence at HUD to Help His Business

March 4, 2019
Records obtained by American Oversight raise serious concerns about the influence Ben Carson's son has on HUD operations — and about whether the department has taken action to benefit his private business interests.

Baltimore City Records of Communications with Ben Carson’s Family Members

August 17, 2018
Baltimore Mayoral and Housing Authority records regarding communications with HUD Secretary Carson and Carson family members, including Ben Carson Jr's company.

FOIA to the Baltimore Mayor’s Office Seeking Communications with HUD

July 17, 2018
FOIA to the Baltimore Mayor's Office seeking communications with HUD Secretary Ben Carson, any representative of HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Secretary Carson’s son, Benjamin Carson Jr., or Secretary Carson’s daughter-in-law, Merlynn Carson.