FOIA Number: CFPB-18-0545

CFPB Withheld Records Response Regarding Navient Communications

November 15, 2018
Response from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau stating that the bureau is withholding record responsive to American Oversight's FOIA request for documents including communications with student loan servicer Navient. CFPB cites FOIA exemption 7(A) and contends that the any responsive records would interfere with law enforcement proceedings.

FOIA to CFBP Regarding Navient Influence on the Agency

September 7, 2018
FOIA to CFPB seeking communications between CFPB and any employee or representative of Navient Corporation, a student loan provider to determine whether Navient has exerted influence on CFPB in order to face unduly light penalties for its student loan servicing practices.