FOIA Number: CFPB-18-0588

Read the Hidden Report on Banks Charging High Fees to Students

December 13, 2018
After keeping it hidden for months, the Consumer and Financial Protection Bureau has finally released a report on high fees that banks charged to college students, possibly in violation of Department of Education rules.

CFPB Records Related to Companies Charging Dubious Fees to Students

December 11, 2018
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau records related to companies charging legally dubious account fees to college students. These records include an unpublished report by CFPB that was sent to the Department of Education in February of 2018.

FOIA to CFBP Seeking a Report on Dubious Account Fees on Student Lending

October 1, 2018
FOIA to CFBP seeking the report concerning “legally dubious account fees” for student loans referenced in Seth Frotman’s August 27, 2018 letter of resignation to CFPB Acting Director Mick Mulvaney.