FOIA Number: DHS-17-0467

CPB Records Regarding Spending on Physical Barrier Construction Along the U.S.-Mexico border between FY2008 through FY2017

May 22, 2019
Customs and Border Protection records detailing spending on physical barrier construction along the U.S.-Mexico Border. The production contains two tables, one titled “Summary of Historical Spending for the TI Program FY07‐FY16” and the other titled “FY 2017 Funded Summary.” According to “FY 2017 Funded Summary,” enacted FY 2017 costs totaled $341 million while reprograming cost $20 million.

FOIA to DHS Regarding Costs of U.S.-Mexico Border

November 2, 2017
FOIA to DHS and CBP seeking records related to the total cost of building and maintaining the barrier between U.S. and Mexico from 2008-2017.