FOIA Number: DHS-19-1170

No Records Response from DHS Regarding Communications About Pardons

October 22, 2019
The Department of Homeland Security stated that it had no records of email communications containing the words "pardon," "pardons," or "clemency" for former Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan, General Counsel John Mitnick, anyone serving as the chief of staff to the Secretary or General Counsel, and anyone serving as the White House Liaison or White House Advisor.

News Roundup: Trump, Giuliani, and Ukraine

September 20, 2019
“Unprecedented” is a word that has been used a lot in the past few years — including this week.
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

FOIA to DHS Seeking Sent Emails Containing the Term “Pardon”

September 17, 2019
FOIA to Department of Homeland Security seeking email correspondence sent by senior officials containing the term “pardon.” American Oversight seeks records to shed light on whether and to what extent President Trump has told federal government officials that he will pardon them if they break the law.