FOIA Number: DHS-ICE-18-0777

New Documents Provide Further Details of Stephen Miller’s Influence on Immigration Policy

November 30, 2020
As the Trump administration enters its final months, American Oversight is committed to holding officials like Stephen Miller accountable for the policies they pushed.

News Roundup: What Trump Knew, and What We Know

September 10, 2020
We’ve known for months that President Donald Trump has been downplaying the severity of the coronavirus. In the spring, we knew that Covid-19 wasn’t just like the seasonal flu, despite Trump’s reassurances that it was. And we’ve known that the pandemic won’t just “disappear,” no matter how many times the president insists it will.

New DHS Executive Secretary Linked to Stephen Miller’s Network

May 29, 2020
American Oversight has identified the agency’s new executive secretary as a likely member of the White House adviser's network of like-minded allies.

In the Documents: Stephen Miller’s Emails with Top ICE Official

January 6, 2020
Records provide a glimpse of how White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller has used his network of fellow immigration hardliners to advance his policy goals.
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

News Roundup: Stephen Miller’s Extremist Network

December 13, 2019
Emails obtained by American Oversight provide a glimpse of how a senior adviser at ICE has worked with Miller to promote harsh anti-immigration policies.

ICE Email Communications With or About White House Adviser Stephen Miller

October 17, 2019
Immigration and Customs Enforcement reflecting any communications of senior officials with or about Stephen Miller, White House senior adviser. American Oversight sought these records to shed light on Miller's influence on immigration policy.

Investigating Stephen Miller’s Communications with Government Agencies

March 20, 2019
American Oversight today filed a lawsuit to shed light on White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller’s influence across the federal government.
(Photo: George Skidmore)

Complaint: American Oversight v. DHS, DOJ, HHS, and State – Stephen Miller Communications

March 20, 2019
American Oversight sued DHS, DOJ, HHS, and State for senior adviser Stephen Miller’s communications to shed light on his influence across the federal government.

FOIA to ICE Seeking Communications with White House Official McLaurine Klingler

November 1, 2018
FOIA to ICE seeking communications between White House official McLaurine Klingler and any political appointee in the immediate office of the Director.

No Records Response From ICE Regarding Stephen Miller Communications

September 25, 2018
No records response from ICE to our request for communications with Stephen Miller, as well as any calls to a particular phone number.