FOIA Number: DHS-USSS-18-0534

USSS Spending Records Regarding Trump’s Visit to Trump Turnberry Resort

December 2, 2020
Records from the U.S. Secret Service in response to American Oversight’s request for records sufficient to show the total Secret Service spending and cost in overtime pay for Secret Service agents protecting the president during the president’s July 2018 visit to the Trump Turnberry resort.

FOIA to DHS/U.S. Secret Service Regarding Trump’s Visit and Spending at the Trump Turnberry Resort

August 31, 2018
FOIA to U.S. Secret Service seeking records sufficient to show all Secret Service spending at the Trump Turnberry resort including, but not limited to, all Secret Service funds expended on Trump Turnberry golf carts, hotel rooms, meals, and incidental costs. This request seeks funds spent on goods and services provided by the Trump Turnberry resort, including hotel room rates. This FOIA was submitted as part of our Parallel Investigations Initiative.