FOIA Number: DOJ-18-0617

Former Trump Administration Official Gene Hamilton’s Contacts with Far-Right Anti-Immigration Groups

May 6, 2021
Hamilton, who was involved in some of the administration’s harshest immigration policies, has maintained his close connection to former White House aide Stephen Miller.
Left to Right: Stephen Miller and Gene Hamilton.

News Roundup: A White House At War with the People

August 13, 2020
Documents show the Secret Service requested a helicopter and surveillance drone support in early June to help secure the White House amid protests against police brutality.

DOJ Emails Between Senior Counsel Gene Hamilton and External Entities

August 7, 2020
Records from the Department of Justice in response to American Oversight's request for the external email communications of Senior Counsel Gene Hamilton.

American Oversight Calls on Justice Department to Investigate Gene Hamilton

August 5, 2020
Documents we obtained strongly suggest the senior DOJ official made misleading statements — and may have lied under oath — during a 2019 deposition.

Complaint: American Oversight v. DOJ and DHS – Gene Hamilton Emails

May 8, 2019
American Oversight's lawsuit against DOJ and DHS for Gene Hamilton's external communications to shed light on outside influences on DOJ and DHS policy, including immigration policy.

FOIA to DOJ Seeking Gene Hamilton Communications

October 4, 2018
FOIA to DOJ seeking communications between Gene Hamilton, previous Senior Counselor to the Secretary, and outside entities.